What’s included

Zagreb Card saves you time and money by offering free transport by Zagreb city transportation system (ZET) as well as free entry to Museum of Broken Relationships, Chocolate Museum Zagreb, Zagreb City Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, Nikola Tesla Technical Museum and the Zagreb Zoo.

As a ZAGREB CARD holder, you can achieve significant discounts at various locations throughout the city, including many city museums, restaurants, shops and various services.
Places and services where you can obtain discounts upon presenting your valid ZAGREB CARD:

  1. Croatian Museum of Naïve Art, Sv. Ćirila i Metoda Street 3, DISCOUNT: 20% for cash payments, 20% for card payments
  2. Gallery Kaptol, Kaptol 13, DISCOUNT: 10% for cash payments, 10% for card payments
  3. Gallery Mona Lisa, Tkalčićeva Street 77, DISCOUNT: 20% for cash payments, 10% for card payments
  4. Museum of Illusions, Ilica 72, DISCOUNT: 15% for cash payments, 15% for card payments
  5. Museum of selfie and memories, Radićeva Street 14, DISCOUNT: 30% for cash payments, 30% for card payments
  6. Gallery of Croatian Naive Art, Bakačeva 5, DISCOUNT: 10% for cash payments, 5% for card payments
  7. Museum of Hangovers, Vlaška 55, DISCOUNT: 10% for cash payments, 10% for card payments
  8. Gallery ULUPUH, Ilica 13/1, DISCOUNT: 10% for cash payments


More about routes and how to get around can be found here.

This formerly roving exhibition of donated objects is one of Zagreb's most popular museums. It investigates failed relationships of all kinds by gathering intimate memorabilia from people around the world. The founders are Zagreb artists who were once a couple themselves: the idea for the museum was born when their own relationship ended and something had to be done with their joint possessions. After a successful world tour during which many more objects were donated, the exhibition found a permanent home in Zagreb’s Upper Town. It received the Kenneth Hudson award for the most innovative museum in Europe in 2011.  

The Chocolate Museum of Zagreb is a theme park dedicated to chocolate, its historical, geographical and cultural meaning. It will take you on an interactive trip through time and space, engaging all senses - sight, scent, touch, sound and of course taste.

Opened in 1907, the museum recounts the history of the Zagreb region in epic style – from prehistory right up to the present moment. The exhibition offers an eclectic look at Zagreb’s past, taking in political events as well as popular culture and the arts. Objects are presented in a visually engaging manner, revealing the richness of Zagreb’s history and shedding light on the everyday life of its inhabitants.

Housed in an impressive building unveiled in 2009, the museum's permanent collec - tion consists of around 12,000 works by Croatian and inter - national artists, amassed from the 1950s onwards. There’s a rolling programme of events both inside and outside the museum, featuring exhibitions, performance art, theatre, film screenings and even concerts on the roof.

A must for every science and technology buff, this museum is also the right address for eager learners. One of the highlights is the replica of Nikola Tesla's laboratory, where visitors can enjoy daily demonstrations of his inventions. The museum also features a 300-metre-long recreation of a mine, portraying the extraction of coal and ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Opened in 1925, Zagreb Zoo is the oldest in Southeastern Europe. It started with two owls and three foxes only to expand into a home for 300 animal species from all over the world. Zagreb Zoo is known for developing educational programmes which teach children positive attitudes towards nature, and also give them hands-on experience of biology and environmental protection.